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By joining Article-Rewriter.info I am aware and completely agree with the following terms of service and confirm that I will comply with each of these terms in particular and altogether:

1. By purchasing the article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info I confirm that I do understand what I am purchasing and that I have seriously investigated what this product in doing (from the demo materials provided on the web site) and agree that my site complies with all product requirements.

2. By purchasing the article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info I am fully aware of what I am purchasing and I understand that the article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info is valued a lot more than the price I am paying which means that I have no reason to refund this product.

3. I also understand that article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info is bound to the computer at which I am installing it. Hence, my unauthorized usage of this product on another computer should be solicited with Article-Rewriter.info.

4. I understand that if I refund the payment, my product will be switched off and I will not be able to use it in future, because every copy of Article-Rewriter.info product is licensed for a specific site.

5. I agree to use the article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info only for the legal purposes, and I am fully responsible for all possible illegal consequences of the illegal steps that I can face if I use the article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info for illegal purposes.

6. I am aware that the rules of Terms of Service of Article-Rewriter.info can be changes without any prior notification sent to me. And I agree to be bound by the rules of these Terms of Service of Article-Rewriter.info

I confirm that for breaking the rules mentioned in these Terms of Service and/or by doing other steps that can in any way negatively affect the article rewriting and spinning product offered at Article-Rewriter.info, my account and access for this product will be deleted.


Privacy Policy

Article-Rewriter.info has established this Privacy Policy to explain how it protects and manages the personal information that it collects from its users.

1. Consent for Collection, Use and Disclosure

Your use of the Article-Rewriter.info site and/or your registration for the Article-Rewriter.info product constitute your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Article-Rewriter.info product and do not register inside Article-Rewriter.info.

Article-Rewriter.info may occasionally update this Privacy Policy on its personal consent, without prior notification to the Article-Rewriter.info product users about the changes.

Article-Rewriter.info also has the right not to inform and obtain the consent of the user, such as in connection with an investigation of a breach of an agreement, contravention of laws, an emergency where the life, health or security of an individual is threatened, the collection of a debt or in compliance with the request of a law enforcement agency or a court order.

Article-Rewriter.info user can stop his or her consent for collection, use and disclosure at any time by sending an email from web form on the Contact Us page of Article-Rewriter.info web site. If you do, FreeTrafficSystem.com suspends its provision of the product and its production line to you.

2. Accountability

Article-Rewriter.info collects, at the time of your registration and your sign-on to its web site, certain “personal information” (information that personally identifies you) including but not limited to your name, email address and generates the personal license number of each Article-Rewriter.info product copy.

Article-Rewriter.info has implemented this Privacy Policy to protect personal information received from its customers, and to respond to any inquiries. The Privacy Policy also provides that Article-Rewriter.info will use appropriate contractual means to establish a comparable level of protection for personal information which is sent for processing by third parties on Article-Rewriter.info’s behalf.

3. Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

Article-Rewriter.info collects and uses personal information for the following purposes:

(i) to allow customers to access the products from Article-Rewriter.info’s site;

(ii) to communicate with customers and site visitors, when necessary, and to inform customers of upgrades, as well as of other products and services available from Article-Rewriter.info, its affiliates and third parties;

(iii) to develop and provide Article-Rewriter.info web site and the products and services for the customers of this site;

(iv) to fulfill your requests for products, services or information;  

(v) to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or government request;

(vi) to respond to a legitimate claim, or to address our reasonable belief, that you are violating the rights of any third party or any of the agreements or policies that govern your use of the Article-Rewriter.info site, product or service;

(vii) to protect the services, products or rights of Article-Rewriter.info including but not limited to the security or integrity of the Article-Rewriter.info site; and

(viii) to identify and resolve technical problems concerning Article-Rewriter.info’s site, products and services.

Article-Rewriter.info also uses personal information in an aggregate form (i.e., not individually attributable to you) for its business analysis, operational, marketing and other promotional purposes.

If we hire other companies to provide some products or services on our behalf, then we will only provide those companies the personal information they need for the purposes mentioned in article 3 of this Privacy Policy, and we will limit their rights to use and further disclose your personal information as appropriate in the course of their work for us.

4. Limiting the Collection and Process of Collection of Personal Information

Article-Rewriter.info limits its collection of personal information to only that information which is necessary for the purposed mentioned in article 3 of this Privacy Policy. Article-Rewriter.info does not direct its site to, nor does it knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of thirteen.

When you visit the Article-Rewriter.info web site, a cookie may be placed on your computer or the cookie may be read if you have visited the Article-Rewriter.info site previously.

Article-Rewriter.info uses cookies to allow Article-Rewriter.info track information as who exactly referred you to Article-Rewriter.info site. If you choose to not have your browser accept cookies from the Article-Rewriter.info web site, you may not be able to subscribe to certain service and product offerings on the Article-Rewriter.info site.

5. Disclosure, Processing and Retention

Article-Rewriter.info does not sell, rent or disclose your personal information to anyone else, except:

(i) for any of the purposes mentioned in article 3 of this Privacy Policy;

(ii) to Article-Rewriter.info’s employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents, acting on Article-Rewriter.info’s behalf for any of the purposes mentioned in article 3 of this Privacy Policy;

(iii) as necessary if Article-Rewriter.info has reason to believe that disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference (either intentionally or unintentionally) with Article-Rewriter.info’s rights or property, other users of Article-Rewriter.info’s web site, products or services, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities; and

(iv) to respond to judicial process and provide information to law enforcement agencies or in connection with an investigation on matters related to public safety, as permitted by law, or otherwise as required by law.

In addition, as we continue to develop our business, we or our affiliates may sell or buy other businesses or entities, or we may merge with another company. In such transactions, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the event that Article-Rewriter.info or substantially all of its assets are acquired, your personal information may be one of the transferred assets.  

Your information may be stored and processed in the United States, or in any other country in which Article-Rewriter.info or its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents maintain facilities. By using this web site, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.

After your account becomes inactive (that is, if you request to be removed from our database), Article-Rewriter.info will keep your personal information in its archives. Your information will then be used only as necessary for tax reasons or to prove Article-Rewriter.info’s compliance with any applicable law or other reasons necessary to protect the rights of Article-Rewriter.info, its products and/or services.

6. Accuracy of Personal Information

Article-Rewriter.info will use reasonable efforts to keep customer personal information accurate for purposes mentioned in article 3 of this Privacy Policy, and for minimizing the possibility of making inappropriate customer decisions based on such information. Customers are responsible for informing Article-Rewriter.info about changes to their personal information. You can do this by calling sending email from the web form on the Contact Us page of Article-Rewriter.info  

7. Security Safeguards

Article-Rewriter.info will use reasonable efforts to protect customers’ personal information.

8. Access to Personal Information

Article-Rewriter.info gives you access to the personal information which is available on the online profile inside Article-Rewriter.info members area.

Once you cancel your membership in Article-Rewriter.info you lose the right and access to your personal information inside the members area of Article-Rewriter.info